The Impact a Vegan Makes In a Year

Sometimes we can get demoralised and it can feel like it makes no difference what we do as individuals, there’s so ma...

Why don't people eat tiger burgers?

Why don't we eat tigers? Why is it that all the exploitation and suffering of factory farming is reserved for just a few animals deemed suitably disposable?

Imagine If The Whole World Was Vegan

With more and more research showing the positive environmental and health effects of replacing animal foods with plant foods, why are so many people resistant to the change?

'What The Health’ Movie Review

Our review of the new plant-based diet documentary from Kip Andersen. The pro-vegan message is strong, but how it sells it might need some work.

The Boss Vegan Origin Story

My path to veganism was a long one, and then like a lot of things it happened all of a sudden.

Is being vegan naive?

Are vegans unrealistic, bleeding-hearted softies? In certain situations most people care about animal welfare, such as when companion animals like dogs are mistreated or eaten. We should extend this concern to all animals, not just the cutest and tamest.

Why would anyone listen to you? Turning people onto being vegan

Trying to convince people of the merits of becoming vegan is tough. Getting on with doing what you do and setting an example to your loved ones is a great place to start.

Animals Are Conscious: We Must Consider Their Suffering

The Cambridge Declaration On Consciousness demonstrated something of a scientific consensus on the issue of animal consciousness. Now that we know many animals are indeed conscious what does that mean for how we live, create and interact with people we know.

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