Love this tee!

[blogsliderbig][image][/image][content]I purchased this tee in dark grey for my husband's birthday - it's soft n comfy and he gets lots of comments that lead to discussions about the treatment of animals and the meaning of sentient and animals having feelings etc. plus it fits great and he looks sexy like a fox haha! Cherise M. [/content][/blogsliderbig]

Bossing it!

[blogsliderbig][image][/image][content]My husband is wearing his Sentient Like A Fox t-shirt like a boss! Thank you for creating a humorous way to build connections with others and spread the vegan word. Malia B. [/content][/blogsliderbig]

Captain Soy

[blogsliderbig][image][/image][content]I gave this to my boyfriend for his birthday! The quality is great and the shirt looks super stylish. The shipping was good too, and it came in good time. Would definitely recommend and purchase more products! Daniela K. [/content][/blogsliderbig]

Great Tshirt

[blogsliderbig][image][/image][content]Everything was great. Delivery, sizing, quality. Thank you Santiago C. [/content][/blogsliderbig]


[blogsliderbig][image][/image][content]In love with my shirt. I want the entire range. 😍😍😍 Casey A. [/content][/blogsliderbig]

Awesome shirt - comfortable, true

[blogsliderbig][image][/image][content]Awesome shirt - comfortable, true to size with a great message. Megan P. [/content][/blogsliderbig]

Subtle but effective

[blogsliderbig][image][/image][content]This is the tee you get when you mix a classic film with a little social justice. I love this shirt so much not just because of how soft it is but also because it makes people curious and ask questions! It is one step closer in the right direction of a cruelty free world :))) Hannah [/content][/blogsliderbig]

Nice shirt, arrived in my mailbox no problems

[blogsliderbig][image][/image][content] I was very happy that the shirt arrived in my mailbox - no excess packaging which can prevent mail from being put easily in my mailbox. Glennis M. [/content][/blogsliderbig]

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