The vegans behind Boss Vegan

Boss Vegan is run by two passionate vegans named Andrew Coe and Jody McDonald. 

We couldn't help but notice vegans get a pretty bad wrap, especially online. Rather than succumbing to the torrent of terrible vegan-based e-gags and iJokes we thought we should try to spread some fun, positive messages on veganism.

We're using our skills and experience in graphic design, web development, content creation, writing and marketing to get create and spread our take on veganism, we hope you like it 😉

We believe veganism is positive in a multitude of ways

We first went vegan in 2012 - we had been concerned about the cruelty and environmental impacts of the meat industry for a while, but hadn't yet made the commitment to go vegan. The final catalyst which got us to commit fully to a vegan lifestyle was Andrew being diagnosed with a chronic health condition. In the end it was a very easy transition for us, we definitely enjoy our meals much more than we used to. For us going vegan has been a win / win situation.

We've observed that often when people engage fully with the reality of food production and the emerging evidence that animals are conscious and experience suffering in the same way humans do, they begin to feel that not eating animal products is the better and kinder option.

Our t-shirts are 100% vegan and ethically produced

Our t-shirts are made from 100% vegan fabrics and 100% vegan inks. The manufacturers who make our t-shirts are ethically certified. 

10% of our profits go to the Humane League

As part of our goal of promoting kindness and compassion to animals, we have decided to give 10% of profits to the Humane League  The Humane League advocates for farm animals through public education and corporate campaigns. They are ranked as a 'Top Charity' by Animal Charity Evaluators, a group which ranks animal charities in terms of the actual impact various charities have on improving animal welfare.

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